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 Specifications of the OBM MAFG

Technical Highlights
Rated power output (AC) 13kW to 240kW
Electrical efficiency > 80%
Electrical connection 120/220V@ 60 Hz 4 wire 3 phase or 480V @ 60 Hz, 4-wire 3 phase
Weight 2 tons larger units can weigh up to 6 tons
Size 180" x 120" x 168" safety area
Emissions NONE
Standard temperature range 0 to 40 C (extreme weather kit available)
Location Indoor or Outdoor
Noise @ rated power < 60 DB @ 10 feet very quite when in a enclosure.
Codes and Standards
Complies with Rule 21 interconnection standards
Exempt from CA Air District permitting; has no emissions.
Additional Notes
Operates in a grid parallel configuration or off the grid.
Includes a secure website for you to showcase performance & environmental benefits
Remotely managed and monitored by OBM Global
Optional Thermal Reactor configured to meet needs.
Capable of emergency stop based on input from your facility or ours.