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Power Purchase Agreement Options

Option A.
Installed at no cost to the consumer with power purchase with a flat fee for service at 50% savings.
Equipment owned 100% by OBM. Energy Credit and Carbon Credits 100% owned by OBM.

Benefits are no upfront investments and 50% savings.

Option B.

Consumer gets same 50% Savings flat fee as in Option A.
Consumer pays a portion of the cost of unit at a price of $1.00 per watt.
Consumer receives 100% of the Energy Tax Credits when approved plus 50% of the Carbon Credits. Equipment is co-owned 50-50 for 5 years then 100% owned by OBM thereafter.
Carbon credits owned 50-50 as long as business is still buying power.
Use calculator to show the power of this option click here

2000 kilowatts approximate = 1 ton CO2 = 1 Carbon Credit.

1 mega watt makes 360,000 Carbon Credits each month

10 Mega watt power plant makes 3,600,000 Carbon Credit each month

OBM Global MAFG is a "Distributed Generation" GREEN solution that is CO2 FREE, reliable and affordable all at the same time. OBM Global MAFG Reactors can produce clean energy 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, generating more power then intermittent solutions, and delivering faster payback and greater environmental benefits for the customer. And while other alternative energy products require huge investments, lengthy installations, sunny locations, or demand for natural gas to operate OBM Global MAFG systems are easy and fast to install, practically anywhere even underground.

OBM Global MAFG are perfectly designed to meet the demanding energy needs of today's companies.
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