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 Benefits and Applications!

This is an example of what a temporary 10 Mega-Watt
MAFG Power Plant would look like.


MAFG is Different and is making waves all across the globe!

MAFG versatile technology is essentially a flexible energy platform, providing multiple benefits simultaneously for a wide range of applications. In addition to clean, reliable, affordable electricity created where it is consumed, MAFG customers can realize a multitude of other advantages:

No Grid Problem: We take you off the grid! The MAFG will be your primary source for power. The MAFG as their primary power allows customers to never have to purchasing electricity from the grid on a fixed payment plan increasing asset utilization dramatically improving ROI for MAFG customers. Additional benefits are no need to conserve as before.

Quick Installation time: The ease of placing MAFG in any environment quickly, on demand, without large space requirements for solar applications. The MAFG systems' environmental small footprint enables them to be exempt from most permit requirement other systems need, thus streamlining the approval process. Fast installation simply requires a concrete pad, and an internet connection located near your power panels for ease of installation.

AC and DC Power: MAFG systems can produce DC power, which provides an elegant solution to efficiently power DC data centers and/or be the plug-and-play provider for DC charging stations for electric vehicles. It can also make AC power for all your other power needs including selling power back to the grid where allowed increasing ROI for MAFG Customers.

Hydrogen Hot water and Steam Production: MAFG technology can be used to generate Electricity and Hydrogen also Hot Water and Industrial Steam when coupled with thermal storage systems, MAFG future systems will produce and store hydrogen to enable a 24-hour renewable solution and provide a distributed hydrogen fueling infrastructure for hydrogen powered vehicles.  It will be used for water purification and provide sterilization for sewage treatment. The steam application will heat buildings and provide Industrial steam for all forms of manufacturing including food preparation eliminating the need for Natural Gas!

Carbon FREE: The production of power occurring within MAFG systems generates electricity and heat.
It powered by non-depletable free energy that makes electricity. It is CO2 free!